Tax Problems

Do you have Tax problems? They can be Resolved!

If you have tax problems, the problem might not end with just a high tax debt.

The IRS will stop at nothing to get your money.

We have highly trained experts that know how to manage your tax problems.

 See which of these problems are plaguing your life and what you can do about them.

IRS Tax Liens

This is the most common problem which you can face with your taxes. Having a tax lien is like a death sentence. It can ruin possibilities of finding a jobs, getting credit, getting or buying and selling any property.

IRS Tax Levies

This is another pressing tax issue. If you have tax debts, you might one day find that your account has been wiped clean to pay any or all of your tax related debts. If you want to keep the IRS away from your money, call us for free consultation.

Wage Garnishment

This problem affects your life the most. It takes out a huge chunk of your paycheck and also puts your job or future job hunting possibilities at risk. When you have a wage garnishment problem riding on your back, it can be difficult even to pay all the necessary bills.

Tax Penalties & Interest

If you have tax debt interests and penalties could increase your tax debts even higher. So when you end up making payments, there will be no end to it. Having this tax problem is the most helpless of them all. We know how to deal with tax interest and penalty related issues.

IRS Audit Defense

No one wants to go through an IRS audit.  The IRS targets certain industries that statistically under report earnings.  Protect your self and your business by working with experienced CPA's that will represent your best interests.

Delinquent Payroll Tax

The IRS gets most aggressive with delinquent payroll taxes. This problem is often faced by people who own small businesses. They often forget the method, time and procedure of filing, which can open the doors of hell for them.

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