"I’m Jerry. I appreciate all that Tax Resolutions has done for me during this trying time. I would gladly recommend your services to anyone. Thank you all very much."


"I initially contacted Tax Resolutions on the phone. The person I talked with at Tax Resolutions convinced me that this is the company of tax negotiators that I wanted to use to help me settle my tax situation with the IRS. I have tried other tax negotiator services in the past. None of the services were able to help me out and I felt cheated by the end of the process. I was leery of using a company that was out of town. I was trying to figure out who I could use in order to solve my tax problems. When I contacted Tax Resolutions about their services, I felt relaxed, and I told them to sign me up. I owed over $100k to the IRS. During the process of settlement, I never had a problem and everyone I talked to was very nice to me. Tony at Tax Resolutions talked me through my financial situation and was able to make my settlement plan simple. TR was able setup a payment plan for my tax debt and the process was amazing and without any problems. I would recommend anyone in tax debt to contact Tax Resolutions. With my case, I was afraid of losing my home and everything I owned, but TR was able to help me out of my situation. Thank you."


" I had a really good experience with Tax Resolutions while trying to settle my tax debt with the IRS. I was in debt for over $80k and the IRS knocking on my door. Tax Resolutions was able to keep me up to speed with everything that was going on with my settlement with the IRS and explained to me step by step what was going to happen next in my settlement. I greatly appreciate the burden that TR was able to take off my shoulders. They were able to reach a settlement with the IRS in a short period of time. I couldn’t be happier with the people I was involved with at Tax Resolutions. They helped me to get me where I am today with the IRS. That’s about all I have to say. Thank you Tax Resolutions."


"My husband David and I used Tax Resolutions for our income tax. We owed back taxes for three years and were in debt with the IRS. We never thought we would be able to get out of this debt. We owed around $200 per month in payments and hadn’t paid the IRS. We were getting into deeper amounts of debt. I saw the advertisement for Tax Resolutions on TV and thought I would try the company out. My situation with the IRS couldn’t get any worse than how it was at the moment I called Tax Resolutions. When talked with a person at Tax Resolutions, they were able to tell me everything they were going to do for me so my husband and I could get out of debt with the IRS. While working with Tax Resolutions, I felt like they were the best company I have ever worked with while trying to settle my tax debt. The people at TR were kind, courteous, and friendly and if anybody ever has any trouble with the IRS, they are a great company to deal with it. My husband and I would give them an A+ rating for helping us with our debt to the IRS. Tax Resolutions did whatever they could to get us a settlement with the IRS. During the process of settlement, they told us step by step what they were going to do and they kept their word. When the settlement was finished, we were able to set up a budget plan to make our payments. I will be recommending Tax Resolutions to people I know that are in tax debt with the IRS. If you want to get out of a mess, Tax Resolutions is the best place to go. Thank you."


" I had a great experience while working with Tax Resolutions. I have been trying to settle my debt with the IRS for years. It has only taken TR a few months to accomplish what I have been trying to accomplish over the past several years. They are a great company and I would highly recommend them to anyone that is having trouble with their tax issues. Thank you."


"I just finished using Tax Resolutions services to settle my tax debt. I am very satisfied with the outcome. TR did an excellent job with putting my paperwork through with the IRS. Everyone at TR works together and is on the same page to help me with my tax problem. I am very satisfied with how everything went with my settlement. I would recommend Tax Resolutions to anyone in tax debt with the IRS. That is the absolute truth. Thank you very much!"


"Tax Resolutions was excellent. Everyone I talked with at TR was very personable. They did everything they said they would do for my tax debt. TR got me into a status with the IRS that I can feel good about. I can defiantly say; if you need help with your tax debt with the IRS, then you should call Tax Resolutions. They’ll sure help you. Thank you!"


"I came to Tax Resolutions because I had some IRS issues that I did not believe were that bad. TR was able to do some digging into my tax returns and found a lot of tax items that I missed, didn’t know about, or was unaware that they should be included in my tax returns. TR went back into my tax returns and cleared up everything for me. They went to into my paperwork and fixed it up. Tax Resolutions knew what they were doing with the IRS and submitted an offer to them. My $23k bill was dropped significantly. Before the settlement with the IRS, I was to the point of losing sleep and I didn’t know what I was going to do with my debt. Thank you to Daniel and Gina at TR, things are good with my tax debt. I have gotten everything taken care of with my taxes. I am on the road to recovery and I never ever want to go through being in debt with the IRS again. I would highly recommend Tax Resolutions to anybody. If it wasn’t for TR, I wouldn’t know where I would be today. Thank you for everything. "


"I appreciate everything that Tax Resolutions has done for me. Jim K. at TR is one of the best individuals I have dealt with while settling my tax debt. If you need anything else, just give me call. God Bless. Thank you and goodbye. "


"I came to Tax Resolutions with a very large tax burden. I’m very grateful because financially I was struggling, and I was looking at a $2,000 /month payment. Thankfully, TR was able to lower that by over half. I’m so grateful for them, they’re helpful and they’re sensitive to an individual’s situation. The job they did was tremendous and I’m very happy that I worked with them. Thank you. "

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